Root Chakra

The root chakra is the first we will cover in depth in order to work from the base up. The root chakra is also known as Muladhara on Sankrit and is difined by the color red.

The root is that which keeps you anchored or grounded into the physical world and connected to pachamama (mother earth.) or Much like the roots of the tree it allows us to bring in what we need in terms of planetary energy and dumb unload what we do not in terms of our anxiety or insecurites. The root chakra is our net of safety & security.

The root chakra's physical location is between the Anus & Genitals. It is the source of not only safety & security but also our abundance, physicality, & basic human needs.

Balanced - Blocked - or Overactive

Our chakras are in one of three states at all times. In order for us to be hamonious and thriving we would like our chakras to be in balance. Clues that we are blocked are indicated by anxiety, depression, worriness about money or health. Clues that we are overactive are indicated by greed, paranio, or the sense of needing to be in control. Lastly, clues that we are in balance are indicated by the feelings of safety, security, and abundance.

Now that you know how to identify where you are at let's go over some methods to balance our root chakra.

* The color red is a symbol of the root by wearing or surrounding yourself in red you are intuitively calling it in.

* Foods to eat to help balance are general any root vegetables, beets, radishes, & peppers.

* Yoga in general can be very grounding when working with standing postures or any slow rooted sequence. Examples are: Mountain, Triangle, Warrior 1.

* Essential Oils you can use are Cederwood, Myrrh, & Pattchouli

* Meditation is general aids the chakras. To balance the root it can help to calm anxieties and connect you to the earth.

All of these methods can be tools to help heal an unbalanced root chakra. Alot of the times we have trauma's in relation to the root so it is important to identify and deal with whatever trauma you may have endured. It can be very difficult but I like to see trauma's and difficulties as a lesson in order for us to grow, transform, and reach to higher levels of conciousness. For myself, I dealt with a root chakra trauma in my early childhood years and it manifested itself into a deep imbalance. I was sexually assaulted when I was young by a family member and I lost all sence of trust, safety, and security. I did not have the tools at the time to deal with these emotions and in my teenage years this feelings of anxiousness, depression, and worthlessness manifested into an eating disorder, bad behavior, depression, & suicidal thoughts. I did not deserve this abuse, however I can look back and see where it has brought me today. It forced me to find yoga and other modalities in order for me to heal and repair my relationship to myself and to others. I know that I need to do alot of work in grounding to keep me from reverting to old patterns. Now on this path, I am able to share these tools with others which is my greatest blessing. We all have traumas and parts of ourselves that need healing and that all starts in our root chakra.

You may deal with issues not at all similar to mine and find you are safe & secure but feel unbalanced elsewhere. Tomorrow we will cover the sacral chakra. Pay attention to see if anything feels true to you.

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