Sacral Chakra

Moving upward from the root chakra, we have the sacral chakra. In Sanskrit the name for the sacral chakra is Svadhishihana. After we are secure and have satisfied all of our basic human needs, we move on to our creativity & pleasure center.

This chakra is the source of our creation both from which we are birthed from our mother, but also from which we create art, play, dance, cook, write, and so on. It is located in the physical body a few inches below the navel. It helps us to create and sustain healthy reltionships, engage in intimacy. It is the source from which we are inspired. Goddesses assosiated with this chakra would be Saraswati the goddess of learning, music, and creating, and also Brahma the Lord of creation in the Hindu tradition. In the Greek tradition I would say The goddess Athena of love and pleasure would be assosiated with the sacral energy. Truly any mother energy or any energy that is birthed in order to create and manifest would be associated with this energy center.

Balanced-Blocked- & Overactive

* Your sacral chakra is balanced when your inspiration and creation is free flowing, you have healthy relationships, & you are comfortable with all levels of intimacy.

* Your sacral chakra is blocked when your sex drive is low, you engage in or have a pattern of abusive relationships, & your creativity is blocked or not free flowing.

* You are overactive is if you are over indulgent in sex, your emotions are out of control, & even over-indulgence in passion.

-The color assosiated with this energy center is Orange.

- Foods to eat to help balance with center would be salmon, carrots, oranges, apricots (foods orange in color.)

-Yoga poses to help balance this chakra would be hip openers, especially if you have a huge blockage due to a sexual trauma. If you need more anchoring, I would recommend poses in which there is massive drawing in to the midline in that region of the body.

- Essential Oils to use would be sandalwood, ylang-ylanf, and jasmine.

Like I said if you are suffering from a blockage it could be from a sexual trauma, abusive relationship, rejection in a relationship or rejection of something you have created. In order to work through that you have to face it. Like I explained in the root chakra it is important to acknowledge our trauma's and use whatever tools we have to heal. The sexual abuse I suffered that affected my root(sense of security), also affected my sacral chakra. An example of how that manifested within this chakra was that my hips were and still to some extent are very tight. I was very guared in intimicy. This might be TMI but in my first couple years of sexual relationships I was unable to orgasm which is directly related to having a blockage. I had a pattern of unhealthy relationships both intimite relationships and friendship relationships. All of these examples have since been healed and are a working progress but it first took me to bring awareness to them.

You may reading this and see some of the same patterns or you may not. But take a moment to check in. Is your creativity free flowing, do you have healthy relationships, are you you comfortable with intimacy?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions ask your selves why? Maybe even take a few minutes with your eyes closed and let the answers come to you? It may have been a minor incident that you barely remember or it may be a traumatic event that your mental self has stuffed down deep to protect your emotional self.

If you feel clear and balanced with your Sacral Energy, then great! Either way, nothing is wrong with you. We all have our baggage & things that we need to work through.

Our next stop up is the Solar Plexus, see you tomorrow.

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