Solar Plexus

Our third Chakra is the Solar Plexus. It's name in Sanskrit is manipura. It is associated with the color yellow and represents our sense of identity and confidence. It is located at the navel.

The solar plexus is the center of identity, power, and will. It can be assosiated with the sun because the sun is an object of power & light. Likewise, the solar plexus is often assosiated with fire & when in balance, right digestion.

Balanced- Blocked - & Overactive

* Your solar plexus is in balance when you are confident, inspired & driven to achieve goals, you are secure, opinionated, but not ego-driven.

* Your solar plexus is blocked when you feel insecure, powerless, and have no ambition. You often quit projects and have trouble sticking up for yourself and your opinions.

* Your solar plexus is overactive when you are ego-driven, controlling, and maniplulative (narcissicitic)

-Foods to balance the Solar Plexus are Lemons, Pineapples, Tumeric, & Ginger ( acidic & firey foods that aid in digestion).

-Essential oils to use would be clary sage, juniper, & rosemary

-Yoga poses to balance the sacral chakra would be ones that strengthen the abdominal muscles and provide release in the mid back. For example, Boat Pose, Twists, Camel.

If your solar plexus is balanced you will be seen as a person who has will, drive, ambition, you take action & you are certain in your identity. A lot of Type A or firey people channel energy through thier solar plexus. They often crave heat.

A personal example of when my solar plexus was out of balance would be when I was suffering from depression. Due to thoughts of worthlessness & loss of the sense of security. It was a difficult for me to have ambition and also my insecurites lead to me losing my self of identity & voice. As always, first step was awareness. After that, tools that helped me build self confidence & power were yoga (especially heating practices), working out, therapy, surrounding myself with strong women to inspire me, discipline, as well as other self-love practices.

There is no size one fits all when finding tools that work for you, as our circumstances are all very different. Since alot of my insecurites dealt with self image and body image, those practices worked for me.

If you are unsure that your solar plexus is balanced or not ask yourself.

Do you have confidence & will power in making decisions? Are you ambitious in setting goals and following through? Are you sure of your opinions and can confidently discuss them?

If you are, then great. Keep on doing what your doing. If not I invite you to try some of these practices to ignite your sense of confidence, will & power. Either way, there is nothing wrong with you. I wish you all a strong sense of self. Next step is the Heart Chakra.

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