The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the 7th Chakra. It is located at the top of the head or hovering just above. Have you ever wondered why kings & queens wear crowns. It is a symbol of connection between us and the higher realms. Another example of this iconography would be angles with their halos or Jesus with his crown of thorns while on the cross.

The crown chakra is the energy center that connects us straight up into divine cosmic consciousness. In this tradition, this is the highest chakra. The chakra of enlightenment. It is associated with the color violet or an iridescent white.

Balanced- Blocked- & Overactive

  • Your crown chakra is balanced when you feel connected to deeper consciousness. You have a deep knowing of the beyond & your ego is stripped. (Refer back to the 8 limbs of yoga) You are empathic, you do good works for the benefit of all, & you see the good in all things. A well developed crown chakra is rare in today’s world. However, we can work towards a deeper spiritual connection.

  • Your crown chakra is blocked when you feel disconnected. You feel your life has no purpose. You are often stuck, depressed, or have no sense of security.

  • Your crown chakra is overactive when your ego overrides all else. You are the center of attention & have no sense of empathy.

-Foods to eat to balance the crown chakra include only a clean diet.

-Essential oils to balance the crown chakra are lotus, sage, juniper, lavender

-Yoga poses I would recommend, like the 3rd eye chakra, wouldn't be a straining asana practice. I would recommend seated meditation, pranayama, & chanting. Physical yoga if only these are difficult to obtain.

The crown chakra is our direct channel into Source or God. After our intuition is developed, it is said that when we reach enlightenment. We have the choice of when to take our last breath. We have the choice to weave in & out of the reality of our world and into the reality of the divine. After enlightenment, there are no re-births. Our karmic path & our karmic contracts are all dissolved and we enter back into the stream of consciousness. We are no longer a single soul. We are absorbed back into God. This is the path of yoga. This is the ultimate aim & the ultimate reason for our living existence.

In the yogic path, we are brought into our being to be taught lessons, to grow, to evolve, to work through our Karma and to be united back into the divine stream. This is of course according to Hindu and other eastern traditions. If you do not subscribe to this teaching that is completely okay and your choice. I am just providing you the context within the yogic path.

Similarly in the Christian tradition, there is a heaven and our goal is to be there again one day to be met with our ancestors & God. In my opinion the major difference is that our path is dependent upon sin instead of karma and depending upon your institution there are different paths to move through that. Some are very shame & fear based. Some are based on the fact that this isn’t reincarnation & others differ.

I was raised christian & subscribe to many of the ideals but I also believe many of their ideals can also be shame based. There has been an overarching patriarchal influence on many of the stories that have been re-written to put fear and control into our society. This is not a history lesson. I am just providing context as many Americans are unfamiliar with the traditions of other religions. This is due to the fact of us being taught to fear other religions & also due to the fact that we have been taught to convert others if they are not like us. And if they don’t convert we go to war. This is not just a american paradigm; it has been in place for a long time and across many religions & institutions.

I do not practice these concepts as a religion but more as tools of philosophy. I see many parallels within my christain up-bringing. A lot of the ideals I have also learned in christianity I practice more of as a philosophy or spiritual discipline. I feel that in my life that is beneficial for me to see the one-ness in all religions & traditions. It allows for me to have more compassion, understanding, and even curiosity for others ideals.

This is in no way a conversion. This is just me detailing my relationship with these concepts.

A bit of a tangent but I feel it important to put the concept of enlightenment into a context that is easier to understand. Examples of people with well developed crown chakras would be Ghandi, Jesus, The Dalai Lama, Eckart Tolle, The Catholic Saints & so on. We see these people as enlightened of very God-Like beings that emanate love, compassion, peace, contentment, and oneness.

To develop your crown chakra, first develop all other chakras leading to it. Rid yourself of attachment, ego, and selfish desires. Put the good of others before all else. Love yourself & all beings unconditionally. Burn through your Karma & do all things in honor of God.

This of course is a heavy feat & I am by no means telling you to do any of those things. But I do encourage you to see them as guidelines for a more happy existence. If enlightenment is your goal you will never reach it. If goodness is your aim maybe you have a chance. And lastly…

The more you know, the more you know that you do not know anything at all…

(a teaching passes down from many of my teachers)

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