Third Eye Chakra

Our 6th Chakra is the third eye chakra. The translation to Sanksrit is Ajna. The color assosiated with this chakra is indigo. This chakra is the center of intuition, manfestation, awareness, dreams, and so on.

The location in the physical body is between the eyebrows. You may have heard in a yoga class a teacher cueing you to place hands or attention to the third eye center-seat of enlightenment. That is in relation to the chakra center. This center is connected to some of our most subtle levels of conciousness.

Balanced- Blocked- & Overactive

* Your third eye is balanced when you are in tune with your subtle energies & intuitions. You are able to see the signs of the universe and surrender to your deeper knowing. You are able to make decisions clearly without attatchment to the the results. Some people have more develeped physic abilities, develeped dream recognition, and ability to manifest easefully.

* Your third eye is blocked when you have foggy memory & dream recognition. You are more ruled in decision making by logic rather than intution or spirituality. You are not in touch with your inner knowing nor do you have trust in your inner knowing.

* Your third eye is overactive when you have trouble coming down to earth. In the yogic world we call this spiritual bypassing. Often times a person is so lost in the spiritual world that they are not in touch with reality or the processes of the world or society. Some cases a person would be highly paranoid.

-Food to help balance this chakra are purple foods like eggplant or japanse sweet potato.

-Essential oils to use are basil, & frankincense.

-Yoga poses i would recommend would be lotus pose or sitting in meditation.

Back to the oils. Notice a recommendation is frankincense. If you are into essential oils you will know that this energy is very clearing, spiritually enlightening, and also known to clear negative energies. If you were raised christian or currently subscribe to that tradition. You will remember that frankincese was one of the gifts given to mary & joseph at the birth of Jesus. Coincidence? I think not.

Another relation to religions is the placement a jewel in the Hindu & other eastern traditions between the brows as a reminder to have that as a place of honor & concentration in the goal of enlightenment. Also in the Christian & Judeo traditions being blessed & babsitied on the forehead as well as the placing of an ash cross in rememberance of Jesus for Christians.

Generally for the real world examples I have used an example of blockage. For this case I will use one of an overactive nature. This is an example of someone I have had interactions with within the yoga community. I am by no means claiming she is right or wrong just giving you my percepetion of my interactions. This person had a tendency to spirtually bypass or use a spirtiual concept for an excuse to not have respect for reality or others. She would book times to teach or schedule workshops with all good intention but then not show up & claim that time is illusive. Which is a spirtual teaching. We know that time is not linear. However, to be in balance we need to integrate our teachings into the reality that we are in. This includes respect for others time, business, & money (aspects of our reality). In many cases a person with an overactive third eye will not be grounded in reality. They will be developed in their intuitions & use that to use others.

With that being said no one is better or worse no matter where you are at in your jouney- balanced, blocked, overactive, or otherwise. The importance is in knowing where you are at & what you need to do to either aim towards balance or maintain balance.

Do you feel intuitive? Do you trust your intution? Do have delevelped dream recognition? Are you able to manifest your goals easefully?

If yes is your answer... you are likely in balance with your third eye chakra.

If yes is your answer... ask yourself, are you grounded & in balance?

This Chakra is very elightening to channel energy through. It is a very subtle energy & connects you closer to higher beings & energies. It also very important to develop your lower chakras before working immensely with the higher chakras. Often times, not always, a person with undeveloped lower chakras will use their higher chakras for the wrong reasons. It is important to meet your Ego & lose attachments to any results. To work towards the greater good & to not harm yourself or others.



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