Throat Chakra

The next chakra up from the heart chakra is the throat. In Sanskrit it is known as Vishuddha. The throat chakra is the center for expression, inner truth, purpose, authenticity, & our voice. It is assosiated with the color blue (turquiose). It is located in the physical body at the throat along the neck.

Have you ever had a sensation in the back of the throat when you are needing to express an emotion or use your voice? A balanced throat chakra = speaking our mind freely & with truth.

Balanced- Blocked- & Overactive

* Your throat chakra is balanced when you are working in a job that reflects your passion & purpose. You have the confidence to speak truthfully & authentically. In yoga we call this in alignment with your Dharma. This is your life's purpose or path.

* Your throat chakra is blocked when you are introverted in a way that you do not speak up or speak your truth. You are blocked when your job or life's work does not fulfill your purpose. Or you are unsure of your purpose. Some people often have alot to say but do not express it freely and confidentally.

* Your throat chakra is overactive when you talk too much, you assert yourself & do not listen. Often times this will be someone who gossips or spills others secrets. Some people who suffer with overactive throat chakra will use thier words to harm & be little others.

- Foods to eat to balance the Throat Chakra are blueberries, honey, & coconut water.

- Yoga postures for the throat would be any neck and upper back stretches, shoulder stand & plow pose.

-Essential oils to use would be lavender, chamomile & peppermint.

As we previously discussed the Chakras work in an order from bottom to top. They work towards the more subtle or connected to spirit centers. The Throat is the 5th Chakra with only two above it according to this lineage. In other traditions, there are additional chakras after 7. With that being said, the throat is bringing us closer to conciousness. A balanced chakra allows us to be in aligment with our purpose, our identity spiritually, & not only our truths but the truths of the universe.

For a period of my life I trully suffered with an imbalance in this region. I was in college and had know idea who i was and had very little knowlege of my purpose. I struggled in school not knowing who I wanted to be. I was introverted with my truths, a lot of them I couldn't even be truthfull with myself. I was lost & had no voice or certainity of my self. Physically that played out in alot of upperback and neck pain. In school I failed to show up and failed to figure out what I wanted to study. As soon as I shifted towards my Dharma everything shifted. I started practicing yoga seriously and chose to face a lot of my truths & traumas. Blessings & opportunies started to flow in & I started working in the industry thats in alignment with my purpose. In the period of 4 years I went from working in the service industry unsure of my career to owning my yoga studio as soon as I shifted towards and speaking my truth.

Take some time to check in with yourself. Are you speaking your truth? Are you aunthentic in your speach and actions? Are you working in a job that is in alignment with your purpose and passion?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If yes, why? I invite you to dive a little deeper.

Knowing who we are, knowing our pupose, & being able to express that allows us to be more connected to source. Source can also be known as God, spirit, universal conciousness and so on.

Are you speaking your truth?...

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