Welcome To Lotus Yoga Online!

Hello fellow yoga junkies!

We are so happy to have you as apart of our online community.

I started on this "yoga" journey about 10 years ago, however i truly dove deep when I took my first 200 RYT 4 years ago. I am here to share my knowledge and perspectives much of which has been learned from my lineage, teachers who have came before me. I am so excited for us to be able to share and discuss the topics that we are passionate about. We plan on extending this blog format into a community forum where you are able to share your stories and insights. I encourage you to comment and question on the material that we provide for you. Tug on that thread of knowledge to see where it takes you.

Look forward to seeing weekly newsletters, journal exercises, and a lot of content on the many aspects of yoga, health, and wellness.

Thank you for taking that first step.



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