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Greetings, I'm Mickenzy Hammond, and I'm honored to be the owner of Lotus Yoga  in Grand Forks. Life has its way of leading us to the right places, and that's exactly how I found yoga – during a time when I truly needed it. This practice embraced me with open arms and showed me a path to healing and self-discovery. As my journey unfolded, I became captivated by the profound impact that yoga and wellness can have on our lives. Now, my purpose is to share these transformative gifts with others, so they too can experience the joy, vitality, and freedom that come from living mindfully and wholeheartedly. Let's walk this path together.

500-ERYT, Integrative Health Coach + Certified Personal Trainer
Yoga Sculpt, Zumba, Spin, Pre+Post Natal Yoga, Buti Yoga, TBI Informed Yoga + CCT practioner

Discover Our Etiquette Standards: What You Should Know,

  • Please arrive on time

  • Bring your own mat

  • Remove shoes before entering studio

  • Bring any valuables into the studio

  • Please turn off cell-phones before class

  • Inform your instructor of any specific needs​​​​ i.e. ailments, injuries, leaving early, on call, family emergencies​​

  • First time, please arrive 15 minutes early 

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